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International Convention Center Jeju (
  • Address : 2700 Jungmun, Seowipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, 697-120, Korea
  • Telephone : +82-64-735-1000
  • Magnificent Nature, abundant Tourist Assets, Convenient Access and Lodgings-a Warm and Friendly People...
    Jeju is a worldly renowned resort in terms of its recreation and tourism. This is gorgeous island along with a top-notch convention center : ICCJEJU.
    ICCJEJU provides an idylic for our conventions.

    ICCJEJU is located within the jungmun Tourist Complex, with the cobalt-blue Northern Pacific stretching to the south and towering Mt,Hallasan commanding the north. Spreading over an area of more than 5,000㎡, the world-class convention center occupies 7 stories aboveground. Artfully merging the blessed tourist resources around it with the functionality of a convention facility, this resort-style convention center is fully equipped for international meetings of any scale, and provides professional-grade logistic support for event-hosting. Bring recreation and leisure to your convention;host with ICCJEJU, the world's top resort-style convention center.