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Tutorial Session 안내

"ISGNSS 2014 in conjunction with KGS Conference" Tutorial Session 안내입니다.
금번 학술대회에서는 회원님들께 특별한 서비스를 제공하기 위하여 아래와 같이 무료 Tutorial Session을 진행하오니 많이 참여하시어 GNSS 수신기술 이해의 기회가 되시기 바랍니다. 위성항법 신호, 수신기설계 관련 독일에서 다년간 연구개발 경험을 보유하신 원종훈 박사님을 초빙하여 기술적으로 심도 있는 세미나를 제공 예정입니다.
참가자격은 "ISGNSS 2014 in conjunction with KGS Conference"에 등록하시는 분은 별도의 등록비 없이 누구나 참석 가능합니다.
  • 일시 : 2014. 10. 21.(화) 13:00-18:00
  • 장소 : 제주 ICC
  • 연사 : Dr. Won, Jong-Hoon ( Univ. Federal Armed Forces Munich. Germany)
  • 발표제목 : Signal Processing Scheme of Modern Digital GNSS Receivers
  • 프로그램 및 기타 자세한 내용 : http://www.isgnss2014.org


After digitization of received GNSS signals by analog-to-digital converter at the end of RF front-end, a series of GNSS signal processing at intermediate frequency band and baseband like signal acquisition and tracking, time synchronization (i.e. bit/frame sync), data bit demodulation and parsing, measurement extraction, and navigation is performed.
In this seminar the detailed design methodology as well as analysis method for the overall digital signal processing chain is presented. Also, design examples of these are presented in order to provide designers with the high technical skill to design, implement, and test the signal processing of a modern digital GNSS receiver.

The followings are agenda to be covered in the presentation.
Part I Design and Analysis of Signal Acquisition Module
- signal processing channel architecture; signal model; design points of signal acquisition module; various signal acquisition methods; search
  space design method; search grid design method; threshold value setting method
Part II Design and Analysis of Signal Tracking Module
- signal tracking overview; correlators; discriminators; loop filters; NCOs; implementation and test
Part III Baseband and Navigation Processing Module
- bit/frame sync; data bit demodulation; pseudorange forming; SV position calculation; positioning algorithms