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Tentative Program October 23(Thu) This program is subject to change upon further notice.

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Poster Session
IPS01 ESSP: A Successful Pan-European Certification Story
Philippe PIERRE* (ESSP, France)
IPS02 EGNOS Services Provision: A Success Story of SBAS Services Introduction in all Domains
Francisco-Javier DE BLAS FERNANDEZ* (ESSP, Spain)
IPS03 Design of Remote Monitoring System on Embedded Linux Platform for GPS/Vision Hybrid Positioning
Joonhoo LIM, Hee Sung KIM, Je Young LEE, Kwang Ho CHOI, Won Jae YOO, Hyung Keun LEE* (Korea Aerospace University, Korea)
IPS04 Vehicle Pose Estimation Using Probabilistic Map and Low-cost GPS Receiver
Byung-Hyun LEE1*, Jun-Hyuck IM1, Sung-Hyuck IM2, Moon-Beom HEO2, Gyu-In JEE1 (1Konkuk University, 2Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
IPS05 CAF Map Performance Analysis in COSPAS-SARSAT MEOSAR
Jaehyun KIM1*, Sanguk LEE1, Jaehoon KIM1, Woo-Geun AHN2 (1Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, 2Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
IPS06 Long Baseline GPS L1/L2 RTK with Estimating Tropospheric Zenith Wet Delays
Byung-Kyu CHOI1*, Kyoung-Min ROH1, Sang-Jeong LEE2 (1KASI, 2Chungnam National University, Korea)
IPS07 A Study on Deflection and Dynamic Characterisitcs Monitorign Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge based on GNSS
Jae Kang LEE1*, Lukasz BONENBERG2, Oluropo OGUNDIPE2, Young Jin LEE3 (1Korea Cadastral Survey Corp., Korea, 2University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, 3Kyung-il university, Korea)
IPS08 Integrity Monitoring of Satellite Orbit and Clock Solutions with a Real-Time Time Transfer Methodology
Youn-Jeong HEO1,2*, Eun-Sung LEE2, Moon-Beom HEO2, Gyu-In JEE1 (1Konkuk University, 2Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
IPS09 Using Point, Line or Surface Feature of Sensing Data for Pedestrian Positioning in the GPS Obstructed Area
C. C. CHANG*, Z. Y. LEE (Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)
IPS10 Feature Initialization Method using Region of Constant Depth Model for Range-Only Mapping
Byungjae PARK, Wan Sik CHOI*, Woo Yong HAN (ETRI, Korea)
IPS11 Interoperability of Indoor Spatial Data for Indoor Location Based Services
Jae Jun YOO*, So Yeon LEE (ETRI, Korea)
IPS12 Multi-modal Interface based Navigation Application for Infotainment
Jin Woo KIM*, Wooyong HAN (ETRI, Korea)
IPS13 Design of Adaptive Doppler Aided Carrier-Smoothed-Code Filter based on Signal-to-Noise Ratio Observables
Hee-Sung KIM, Je-Young LEE, Joon-Hoo LIM, Sung-Jin KANG, Hyung-Keun LEE* (Korea Aerospace University, Korea)
IPS14 Multipath Parameter Estimation Using the Unscented Particle Filter Based Code Tracking Loop for Non-Gaussian Noises
Dah-Jing JWO*, Chia -Sheng HSU (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan)
IPS15 GNSS Spoofing Mitigation Method using Adaptive Fading Factor
Sun Young KIM1, Chang Ho KANG1, Chan Gook PARK2*, Ki Hoon LEE3, Myeong Jong YU3 (1Seoul National University, 2Seoul National University, 3Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
IPS16 A Peak Detection Algorithm Based on Histogram
Woo-Hyun AHN1, Jong-Won CHOI1, Dong-Kyu LEE2, Ji Hyun ROH2, Bo-Seok SEO1* (1Chungbuk National University, 2Samsung Thales, Korea)
IPS17 Analysis of the Effects of Stochastic Models on Ambiguity Validation Tests
Jaeyoung KO, Younghoon HAN, Mi Young SHIN, Deuk Jae CHO* (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO), Korea)
IPS18 Null Pattern Analysis of Spatial Filter for Swept CW Jamming Signal
Sun Yong LEE1, Yun Sub CHOI1, Heon Ho CHOI1, Chansik PARK2, Sang Jeong LEE1* (1Chungnam National University, 2Chungbuk National University, Korea)
IPS19 Study on Tropospheric Attenuation Effect of Milimeter Wave Signal in Space for Next Generation GNSS
Sangkyung SUNG1*, Jungkeun PARK1, Jun-Pyo PARK2, Young Jae LEE1 (1Konkuk University, 2Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
IPS20 Simulation of Co-Pilot in PreScan
Samyeul NOH*, Jinwoo KIM, Woo-Yong HAN (ETRI, Korea)
IPS21 Testing and Simulation of Inertial Navigation System (INS) Simulation Software for Verification of INS-aided GNSS Systems
Junwoo JUNG1*, Sung-Woo JO1, Gijung YANG1, Sungyeol PARK1, Chung-Hyung LEE1, Haengik KANG1, Kap-Jin KIM2 (1LIG NEX1, 2Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
IPS22 Performance Assessment for GBAS Precision Approach at Gimpo International Airport
Myeong-Sook JEONG*, Joong-Won BAE, Hyang-Sig JUN (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
IPS23 GPS Spoofing Detection Using GPS Antenna-Movement Effects
Chang Ho KANG1, Sun Young KIM1, Chan Gook PARK1*, Jung Min JOO2, Moon Beom HEO2 (1Seoul National University, 2Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
DPS01 Development of 2.4 m L-band Tracking Antenna Automatic Control and Data Evaluation Program
Jung-Min JOO*, Joo-Kyoung KIM, Moon-Beom HEO (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
DPS02 Using Extrapolation Methods to Extending Ionosphere Map Coverage Area
Jeongrae KIM1*, Mingyu KIM1, Young Jae LEE2, Sung Chun BU3, Chul Soo LEE3 (1Korea Aerospace University, 2Konkuk University, 3LIG Nex1 Co., Korea)
DPS03 Sensitivity Analysis of Ephemeris Fault Detection Algorithm based on Baseline Length Estimation Method
Jongsun Ahn1, Hyang-sig Jun2, Chan-Hong Yeom2, Sangkyung Sung1, Young Jae Lee1* (1Konkuk University, 2Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
DPS04 Performance Evaluation for Relative Navigation by Ground Vehicles Experiment
Je Young LEE1, Hee Sung KIM1, Kwang Ho CHOI1, Joonhoo LIM1, Sebum CHUN2, Hyung Keun LEE1* (1Korea Aerospace University, 2Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
DPS05 Secured Search and Rescue Signal using Return link Service in COSPAS-SARSAT MEOSAR
Jaehyun KIM1*, Sanguk LEE1, Yoojin BAEK2, Taenam CHO2, Woo-Geun AHN3 (1Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute, 2Woosuk University, 3Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
DPS06 Real Implementation of Construction Field Support System using 3D Positioning and Wireless Communication
Hyun-Soo KIM1*, Hyun-Young CHOI1, Bo-Hyoung LEE2, Chang-Yeon YUN2 (1Telit Wireless Solutions, 2Doosan Engineering & Construction, Korea)
DPS07 Establishment and Management of LX GNSS Network for Cadastral Surveying and Spatial Information Acquisition
Jihyun HA*, Hyun-Ho KIM, Wan-Seok JUNG, Sang-Gu KANG (LX Korea Cadastral Survey Corp., Korea)
DPS08 Development of the Data Quality Analysis Software For the Korean GNSS Continuously Operating Reference Station
Yong Hui PARK1*, Jun-Cheol MOON2 (1DusiTech Co., Ltd., 2National Radio Research Agency Korean Space Weather Center, Korea)
DPS09 A Research on Availability Decision for Satellite Navigation Signal in Jamming Environment
Ju-Hyun OH*, Joon-Sung BAE, Heung-Won PARK (Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
DPS10 Identification of Available Satellite based on WDOP Sensitivity
Chan-Sik KIM1,Chul-Soo LEE2, Sung-Chun BU2, Sang-Kyung SUNG1, Young-Jae LEE1* (1Konkuk University, 2LIG Nex1 Company, Korea)
DPS11 GPS Quality Monitoring Result Analysis using GPS Signal Tracking Antenna Control Program
Joo Kyoung KIM*, Jung Min JOO, Moon Beom HEO (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
DPS12 Multi-jamming Test Method of Anti-jamming GNSS Receiver
Jong-Chul HYUN1*, Byoung-Sun AHN1, Hyun-Hee WON1, Seung-Mok HAN1, Jun-Sung BAE2, Ju-Hyun O2 (1LIGNEX1, 2Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
DPS13 Development of MATLAB GUI Based Simulation Tool for Generating GPS Measurements
Dong-Uk KIM1, Ho YUN1, Young-Doo KIM1, June-Sol SONG1, Deok-Hwa HAN1, Sun-Koung YU1, Chang-Don KEE1*, Hyoung-Min SO2, Ki-Hoon LEE2 (1Seoul National University, 2Agency for Defense Development, Korea)
DPS14 Flight Test Method of Integrated Navigation System for GPS Guided Bombs
Kyoung Hwan JO1*, Seung Bok KWON1, Dong Ho SHIN2 (1LIGNex1, 2ADD, Korea)
DPS15 Performance Comparison between Space and Nuclear R&D Program using DEA(Data Envelopment Analysis)
Seong-Baek KIM*, Deok-Hyun LEE, Jeong-Pyo WOO, Young-Eun KANG, Seok-Min CHO, Gye-Seok LEE, In-Ho KIM (National Research Foundation of Korea, Korea)
DPS16 Control & Display Unit Design for Jamming Wave-front Simulator
A-Ra CHOI, Seong-Han CHO, Il-Kyu PARK, Sang-Jun YUN, Seok-Bo SON* (Navcours Inc., Korea)
DPS17 A Development of Integrated Monitoring and Navigation Satellite Jamming Integrated Monitoring System
Jin-Ho JEONG, Jin-Mo PARK*, Yong-Hi PARK (Dusitech co. Ltd., Korea)
DPS18 Study on the Interference Signal Simulation for GNSS Frequency Bands
Cheon Sig SIN*, Tae Hee KIM, Jae Hoon KIM (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institutes, Korea)