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Invitation to ISGNSS 2014

On behalf of the organizing committee of the International Symposium on GNSS 2014, I cordially invite GNSS colleagues to submit papers and attend ISGNSS 2014 which will be held 21st ~ 24th October, 2014 at Jeju island, Korea. ISGNSS was initiated in 1999 for providing an interoperable field of discussion among GNSS communities from all over the world. We have seen 15 successful annual meetings ISGNSS since 1999 contributed by not only Asian colleagues but also GNSS colleagues from all over the world. Recently, Asian countries have become to play an important role in GNSS. Especially, in 2013, China has completed the first phase deployment of Beidou, Japan has performed multi-GNSS campaigns using QZSS and Korea announced the deployment plans of SBAS. I believe that Asian countries will contribute more and more to GNSS fields, which will promote more active communications and collaborations among GNSS communities. As the multi-GNSS is coming, the importance of GNSS as the key technology of PNT is widely recognized in every application areas. In addition, other technologies for PNT become mature so that the concept of the Cloud PNT is expected to appear. In this perspective, "Cloud-PNT: PNT in IoT" is taken by the organizing committee of ISGNSS 2014 as the theme of ISGNSS 2014. The program of ISGNSS 2014 will be organized to emphasize this trend. The Jeju island, the venue of ISGNSS, was designated Biosphere Reserve in 2002, World Natural Heritage in 2007, and Global Geopark in 2010, making the sub-tropical island the only place to receive all three UNESCO designations in natural sciences. I welcome GNSS colleagues with whole heart to ISGNSS 2014 and want to enjoy together the atmosphere of the treasure island of environmental assets.

Prof. Sang Jeong LEE

The General Chair of ISGNSS 2014
The Chair of IPC of ISGNSS

Dr. Wan Sik CHOI

The General Chair of ISGNSS 2014
President of KGS